How to Use Celebrity Images to Promote Your Business Brand

When a company is looking to enhance itself to the eyes, ears, and homes of the general public, it can do so in many ways. One way that is sure to get the attention of many is to implement an aura of celebrity into a product, or line of products. This can be done with proper placement through unique marketing.

A unique marketing idea offered by British columnist Mark R. Morris in his piece titled "Unique Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses" is to give away promotional samples so as to get the word out about a product or service. A masseuse can set up a day of free five minute teaser massages and a pastry shoppe would be wise to dish out some tasty morsels so as to tickle potential customers' taste buds.

The reason this works so well is because if a product or service is very good, then the people will want more of it. If, however, they do not know what it is about (or that even it exists) then they'll be reluctant to try it.

For those who want to infiltrate key markets a business can tap into the influence and popularity of another. For small start-ups the key is to begin local with a plan to branch out beyond the borders that one is currently operating in. The key question to ask is: who has influence locally? Once that question is answered, find a means to harness the leverage of that influence in a way that is as cost-effective as possible.

If the most influential people in one's town are serving on the school board, find ideas for a fund raiser. A company packaging food or drinks should provide them free at a meeting and then ask to be part of the solution. A buzz over the product will be created locally that will grow when people buy it at the fund raiser. After the money is raised, the next step is to go to other towns where fund raising will be welcomed.

Since celebrity is really in a person's mind, this idea works in many dynamic ways. While the idea of celebrity for some people is David Beckham and Hugh Grant, those who live in smaller towns can be influenced by what they see the local doctor or newscaster doing. Does she have a car window sticker supporting carbon offsets? If so, others may follow.