2011's Jeans Styles

Those who are into fashion have already seen the 70s-inspired styles that are pushing themselves into the trend spotlight. If flare and boot cut are what you want, you are in luck. If they make you want to tear your hair out in a crying fit while rolling around a darkened closet, then you're also in luck; 70s jeans are not the only trend to hit this New Year of 2011.

Jean Shorts

Summer is coming, so it is really no shocker that jean shorts are, of course, in style. For some different ways of mixing up the tried and true jean shorts, pair them with tights for that classic "model off duty" look. If you've got some leggings still hanging around, wear jean shorts over leggings and top it all off with some great heels. The shorts themselves are not super short and tight like you might expect with the 70s rolling in, but rather they are still roomy enough to not cut off blood circulation and short enough to fully represent the title of "shorts."

Long Jean Skirts

If the flare jeans didn't bring back memories from the 70s and again the 90s, then the maxi jean skirt surely will. Last seen in the 90s, these maxi dresses are coming back. These are definitely not for everyone as maxi skirts in general do not always make the most flattering fit for petite women. Unless paired with high heels, the maxi skirt is best left for the taller girls; unless you just really want to wear a maxi jean skirt. For DIY people, the long jean skirt can make a great investment since they can easily be altered into a mini skirt, capri pants, shorts or a purse once their novelty has worn away.

Elastic Cuffs

In one of the more surprising jean updates, some boyfriend style jeans have been modified to not have a cuff, but an elastic cuff reminiscent of sweat pants. Hitting around just above the ankle and tapering a bit as it comes down the leg, these jeans look like the more fitted sweats seen just a few years ago where girls pulled the leg up to make them more of a Capri or knickerbocker style.

Of course there are more classic styles staying in place for this year including the much-loved, and also much-hated, jean leggings, as well as cargo jeans, trouser jeans and, going back to that 70s vibe, a higher waist denim. With so many options to play around with, there is a style of jeans for everyone.